Thursday, July 13, 2006

Kyomizu shrine

A passageway while entering the shrine.
And the view from the shrine
Kyomizu means pure water, and this particular shrine is named and famous for its water.
The deity
Another vista of kyoto city from the shrine
By now, visitors to the blog must be aware or my obsession with flowers. A hydrangea in bloom in the shrine grounds
We took a break from all the walking and sat down to enjoy some chilled beer.
With some tofu. It came floating in that wooden bucket.
Thats when another one of my obsession surfaced. Three japanese gals in their yukatas and I could not leave them alone in peace. Thankfully, many others around me had the same idea and some 20 odd cameras were focussed on these lasses.
I focussed my attention on the lass in the middle. The light hit her face beautifully and she had a gamut of expressions for a shutterbug
I was happy with the images captured. Another day well spent :)

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