Sunday, September 10, 2006

Patel shots- Rainbow Bridge

Been meaning to take these shots , ever since I placed the order for my cam, or even before I did it. I tried earlier with my point and shoot and the lights danced all over the place. Thats the rainbow bridge and the tower behind it, is the tokyo TV tower, in the roppongi area. It is quite a landmark and a prominent part of the tokyo skyline.
I took these pics in the odaiba area. In the evening, cruise boats gather in the area and present quite a view. The rainbow bridge and the lights of these boats and their reflection in the water. A boat beginning its approach in the area.
The boat has made its way midway
a rendezvous with a few more boats in the area
And more boats and thats the odaiba skyline in the area
More of the same Yes, patel shots all, but its a nice neighbourhood to be in.


cheti said...

why are these Patel shots ? BTW, are you using a stand or not ?

parikrama said...


The trick in taking such shots is to take em while there is still some ambient light in the evening sky (thats about 15-20 mins after the sun has set, the so called magical hour).

And yes, like Cheti says, you ought to have a Tripod for such pics. U just simply cannot take hand held pic in such low light conditions without compromising on the sharpness.

Anonymous said...


Good night shot of Tokyo Rainbow Bridge, I think this would have been taken from some where near Le Meridian hotel in Daiba. I did walk on the Rainbow bridge and photograph it. my experience here in my blogger walking on rainbow bridge. Read and comment pease.

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